My School Is Not Homophobic.

And so I’m sat here in my room, defending the school I left last year against claims of homophobia. How did that happen? I started at Bishop Challoner School in 2011, at the end of year 7 after a bad experience of my first choice of secondary school. Since then I haven’t looked back.  I had the time of my life at Challoner, particularly through … Continue reading My School Is Not Homophobic.

How To Properly Text and Walk

Texting while walking is a profound social problem, as ingrained into society as John Hurt’s voice is into film and television (we all want a voice like his). But this phenomenon has remained un-touched by rule or regulation, until now. Back in 2010, a series of surveys carried out by the Ohio State University revealed that an average of 1,500 pedestrians had ended up in … Continue reading How To Properly Text and Walk