Busking: The Scariest Day of My Life.

That’s no exaggeration, it really was. I’ve been singing in various choirs for nearly 10 years now and have performed in venues such as the Anvil- but that’s okay. Your choir tell you when to rehearse, they plan everything to the teeth. Then when it comes to the night, you go out and do your thing- with an audience expecting and respecting you. Busking is … Continue reading Busking: The Scariest Day of My Life.

Google’s questions about Britain answered by an Englishman.

Britain. A place of warmth and dryness, and love of the EU. Okay none of that was true, so it’s important were honest with each other from now on*. After doing a simple Google search starting with the words ‘are British’- it is the questions that were suggested from this which will form the basis of this article. If anyone is worried about my credibility- … Continue reading Google’s questions about Britain answered by an Englishman.

Portal Movie Casting Predictions

As you might know, recently, JJ ABRAMS revealed that he had plans for a Portal Movie, as well as that of the game half life- both of which are best selling video games developed by VALVE. In an interview with IGN, the director said that he hoped ‘there will be a Portal announcement fairly soon’. With that in mind, here are my casting predictions in the … Continue reading Portal Movie Casting Predictions

How To Change The World: Have A Party.

We all sit up, thinking about ways we could change the world. Sometimes accidentally during maths lessons, maybe that was just me. If you have ever posted something to social media then you know what I feels like to want to make a change, to have an influence. We’ve all asked ourselves “how can I change the world?”  But you’re phrasing it all wrong (sorry … Continue reading How To Change The World: Have A Party.

My School Is Not Homophobic.

And so I’m sat here in my room, defending the school I left last year against claims of homophobia. How did that happen? I started at Bishop Challoner School in 2011, at the end of year 7 after a bad experience of my first choice of secondary school. Since then I haven’t looked back.  I had the time of my life at Challoner, particularly through … Continue reading My School Is Not Homophobic.