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George Lincoln is in Ordinary Author’s Top 500 Most Influential People of 2017.

George is a highly regarded writer and musician, among some of his friends. When not writing on this blog (and occasionally more factual sites e.g. the Guardian), he is singing in Choir, experimenting with Electronic Music- or simply sleeping at the end of a ‘hard’ days work.

George has also appeared on TV once, in the delightful ‘BBC South Today’, at the age of 11- filmed in his school hall after the big announcement that Doctor Who would be visiting the school. However, he currently sits in his room every night crying at the fact that the Doctor didn’t visit until the next year, by which time he had moved schools.

Before George went to Sixth Form College, which is where he currently resides, he studied at Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School in Basingstoke (United Kingdom). In an exclusive interview with his own blog, he said that in the future, he wanted to ‘be able to write for at-least a quarter of a living’ but seemed not entirely sure of himself…

Why did I write this in the third person?