Doctor Who S11: Full Episode List and Plot Synopsis

Okay, I’m gonna level with you, a small level of click bait may have been used in the title- but don’t switch off yet! Of corse we don’t know every detail about the new season yet, we’ll defiantly know more after the first trailer premieres in a week and a bit. However, we do already know a great deal about the episodes and various story lines. This page will also be updated through time (see what I did there, because Doctor Who and time…) So no-need to visit any other Doctor Who related blog…

Episode 1: The Woman In Blue


The newly regenerated Doctor finds herself flying through the air, her TARDIS having blown up and de-materialised. Confused with the recent developments, the Doctor falls  in a lake, kept alive only by her surplus regeneration energy. Following this, a police officer (Bradley Walsh) is drawn into the strange events which unfold around himself and the Doctor.

Sontaran Episode


Having landed on what appears to be an Earth-like planet, the Doctor and her team encounter the Sontarans, in their original forms prior to cloning. However, it soon unfolds that a greater enemy is at play- and the Doctor and Companions must work alongside the Sontarans in order to defeat the greater evil…

Civil Rights Episode


The Doctor travels to 1950s America, and encounters one of the most influential figures of the Civil Rights Era- Rosa Parks. The Doctor will learn first hand about her, and her defiance- which inspired one of the greatest mass boycotts of history…

King James Episode


The Doctor and Gang travel back to the time of King James the First, and even meet the man himself (Alan Cumming). However, the Doctor’s way with words and technology do not go down well with the crowd- and the public begin to suspect witchcraft…

Remember to check back for updates…


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