The Eurovision Incident Highlights the Unique Problems Britain Faces…

Hi, this year was quite an interesting year for Eurovision. And considering the world of Eurovision- which can include (but is not limited to) three-hundred and sixty degree pianos, fake violin playing, very large costumes, even larger personalities, and yodel-rap– that’s saying something.

This year’s final of the Eurovision Song Contest, saw all your favourite countries from across Europe (such as Finland, Israel and Australia) battle it out in hopes of being crowned this year’s Eurovision Winner. Speaking of which, after the nail-biting voting period at the end of the contest- Israel was finally crowned the ‘king’ of International Song Contests (Delday, K., 2018). The performance by Netta has been described as a social commentary which condemns patriarchal oppression and the subordination of women (but not the treatment of Palestinians apparently).

However, perhaps the most memorable moment came during the UK’s performance during the final. Indeed, this should have been Britains standard crap entry- but all hopes of inadequacy were crushed when a man invaded the stage, grabbing the microphone of whoever Britains entry was (SuRie, apparently) and shouting ‘Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom‘. Get woke son.

This may seem ridicule worthy, and easy to dismiss as stupidity (and the daily mail [who’s name I’m not even gonna bother to capitalise] have made their best attempt to link him with Corbyn), however, this incident resonated deeper with me when I saw it- and I’ll explain why now:

In recent times, Britain has had a serious problem with democracy and freedom, especially compared to it’s European neighbours. And everyone seems to have been perceptive of this- apart from Britain. So for his weird choice of words, it’s typical that protest man should come on during the UK’s performance, and no-body else’s.

It’s hard to put a pin-point on when Theresa May first decided that she hated democracy, but I would say the first solid evidence of this was during her time as home secretary- when she came under fire from human rights activists, and the supreme court, for deporting ‘terror suspects’ from the UK without trial. There was then that time when she called an early election to try and strengthen her majority. Oh, and there was also that time when the government passed that law that meant that any journalist who used a government leak as a direct source could face legal action. In fact, Reporters Without Borders has ranked the UK among the worst for press freedom. And the list just goes on. Sigh.

“For all the discussion of fake news, there is much more pervasive problem of state news, which is the problem of governments and politicians encroaching on the media,”- James Harding, BBC

It’s hard to understand why there is no consciousness about liberty in the UK, from people living in the UK (I think we are placed behind the US in many ways, even other authoritarian regimes). Perhaps people feel that it is impossible for a country with ‘great’ in it’s title to have any hint of tyranny to it. Anyhow, this obliviousness must change soon, or we’ll just get sucked deeper and deeper in. And das not good.




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