So we’ve got rid of the House of Lords. Now What?

Bloody Lords. Bloody blocking Brexit, blocking the people’s will. Bloody Lords, doing their job holding the Executive to account. Bloody doubting a 1 per cent majority. Right, that’s it, I’ve had it with that lot. They’ve got to go- don’t even reform then, just bloody disappear them.

Yes, if you didn’t realise, the Government have recently guided their focus (or what little they have of it) onto the House of Lords- the UK’s second, unelected chamber- in which members are appointed because of their experience and expertise in a particular field. Or if they were mates with the PM.

I’m only mentioning this, because the Evening Standard have reported that Nigel Farage (who for some reason is still relevant according to the Standard) wants a referendum on the abolition of the House of Lords, and we all have to listen to him- because that’s how print media works. Moreover, Theresa May seems to be continuing her quest on how little she can involve Parliament in the political process (as she demonstrated the other week when she forgot to consult Parliament over military action in Syria). So I think the idea of getting rid of a core part of Parliament who’s job is to suggest amendments to Government bills before they ‘come law- seems quite appealing.

Of course there are problems with our second chamber. I don’t adore the Lords, I just see things in all of their complexities (this doesn’t mean to say I can’t make a yes/no decision, It’s called making a rational judgement). Lords leaving the taxi running to hop into Parliament and collect their three-hundred pounds for turning up.There are problems, but nothing that can not be reformed. In fact, as I did A level Politics (and am therefore better than you), I can tell you that Bicameralism (that is, having a second legislative chamber) is a core part of a Liberal Democracy, as was written as early as the time of Locke. So by ditching our second chamber, we would also be making a departure from the principles of our beloved Liberal Democracy (that politicians love to go on in sound-bites about).

Admittedly, I may be being too optimistic. I know our country has a history of ditching things they don’t like, then pondering the implications a few years later. Brexit’s gonna be fine by the way, it just is.

So you can get rid of the Lords if you so wish, just don’t come crying back to me if you feel a tad oppressed. You have been warned by Ordinary Author.

Cover Image courtesy of Sky News.


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