Greenpeace Showcases New Ad in Cinemas

Greenpeace are often associated with protest and acts of civil disobedience, but the pressure group are making a splash on the big screen too.

Last week, the environmentalist giant showcased their new campaign advert during the midnight screening of Avengers: Infinity War. The ad, depicts a near future and a party of school kids who go to visit a sea life centre- at which they are faced with the harsh reality that there aren’t any fish around, and the water has become consumed by plastic pollution.

“Where are all the fish?” One young person asks. The camera then focuses on plaques dotted around the underwater tunnel, which instead of showcasing different kinds of fish, feature text such as ‘plasic bottle’ or ‘six pack ring’. This accompanied by emotif music makes for some powerful viewing.

The ad is likely to rally the support of more people to the cause of water pollution- moreover fighting it- particularly within the sections of society who have dismissed the group because of their hands-on method of campaigning for issues such as air pollution, exploitation of land for oil and gas, and climate change.

However, it’s clear that even in 2018, Greenpeace still know how to flex their muscles- both in direct action and the media, and I for one think they should carry on the fight to the end…


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