4 Things to Expect in Dr Who S11, in a list so it’s easier to read (with GIFs).

Hi all, Ordinary Author here. I’m currently in the midst of getting ready for the midnight screening of Avengers: Infinity War, the superhero event of the year. So in honour of this, I thought I’d make an up-to-date list of everything you can expect to see in the new series of Doctor Who- which is currently set to air in the autumn (fall) of this year. You may remember I wrote an article like this earlier on in the year, however, this article is based on wide-spread speculation. along with what we already know. You’re welcome.

historically accurate episodes

When it comes to Who, although it is a story-driven show, the ‘historical’ episodes have a reputation for not being the most true-to-real-world- out of all the stories. However, the new show-runner Chris Chibnall has promised that episodes of the new season that are set in the past will not feature any monsters, or extra-terrestrial elements. Think more Vincent and the Doctor and less Robot of Sherwood

long episodes (but not too long)

In the last season of Doctor Who, writer Stephen Moffat experimented with a three-part story arc, the likes of which had not been seen since the days of Russel T Davis. Following the success of the last season, Chibnall has said that he would like to introduce longer story arcs- consisting of three-part stories- of perhaps even longer.

more three parters (or even longer)

Writer Chris Chibnall has already confirmed that the average episode length in the new season will be one whole hour, which is a departure from the shows traditional 45-minute slot. There’s not much else to say about this one. Longer Doctor Who everyone.

villains we haven’t seen in a long time

It is likely that the new season will feature monsters and villains that the show hasn’t seen since the old days. There are some rumours which suggest a return of the autons, the killer shop window dummies. This would also make sense as many episodes of the new season will be set in modern day. There are also other theories to suggest slitheen will be making a return, along with characters from the classic series such as Romana and the Rani


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