4 Predictions for the Future of Social Media

Not dead. Hopefully you know that by now on this blog. Bloggers are notoriously emotionally unstable- and may take prolonged periods of absence- but always return in the end (for the views). Others simply run out of inspiration, or are tricked into the mind-set of college work first, then side-blogs (what a stupid suggestion). And some simply take time out to work on the next. Great. Blog. Post.

This isn’t that.

Actually, I was presenting a college project on social media the other day, in which I gave a brief history of social media. At the end (after I had shown my video depicting a knife stabbing the vine logo to death to the whole class), one of the questions I was asked at the end was ‘What will the future of social media look like?‘ Developing on that, here are some of the things that could (and should) become a staple of our social media diet in the future.

Live Profile Pictures

Image result for phone profile picture gif
Clicky Media

There has already been a small deal of experimentation when it comes to this: many networks now let you upload short videos as your profile pictures. I can see some companies introducing a feature which takes your most recent picture uploaded and makes it your profile picture, and face detection algorithms could determine that only pictures of you are set as your profile pic. I actually think this would be a good idea and would introduce a level of honesty into social media (which is scarce these days)…

Your Own Personal Brochure

Image result for flipboard

Because of social media, everyone is their full names: no one’s just John anymore. They’re John Smith. Because of this- I can imagine a future social network tapping into this and giving people their own Vogue-style front page, which showcases their achievements- and just how more important they are compared with the rest of the world…

Social Media-Smart Tests

Image result for exam gif

This is the most hopeful prediction out of the whole list, but the one I hope is rolled out the most. It’s a well known fact that many young people lie about their age so they can be early adopters of various social media sites. I feel a more effective substitute for this would be a short test users signing up to different social media sites have to take (3/4 questions in length) which outline the various effects and consequences social media can have if you use it unwisely. It could be implemented into all platforms universally (like a CAPTCHA).

Integrated Social Skills Tips

Image result for facebook notification
Tech Gainer

Indeed social media has come under fire in recent times for it’s lack of emotion, privacy concerns, selling out to governments, etc. A most passive attempt at solving this could be to incorporate social skills tips into the site- a bit like the token meaningful quotes which flash up on the screen when you die in Call of Duty. Indeed (why do I keep on saying that) this might have no effect, but I can imagine companies rolling out this feature to try and tackle the problems they have created in the most idle way possible…




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