Why Ditching Trident Wouldn’t Mean the End of Us.

Britain, if you didn’t know, is right in the middle of a colossal identity crisis. Not just because of the massive constitutional changes we are currently going through (leaving the EU)- but also because of a complete lack of vision on what comes next. But fear not, for I, geor- I mean, Ordinary Author have a plan.

We could get rid of Trident. I’m not stupid, I don’t mean right now. It would seem that the closest thing to a vision for Britain post-Brexit, involves a heavy emphasis on defense- and imperial undertones. Or at least, I think that is how we have justified spending £6.2 Billion on the new Q.E. Aircraft Carrier (wikipedia).

Image result for nuclear disarmament

If we are to walk this line of power and might post-Brexit- then scrapping the Trident Nuclear Program doesn’t really seem like a great plan. But is there another model for our country?

We have recently seen Coventry named as the 2018 City of Culture. The City of Culture award gives a city the opportunity the transform, and pursue new cultural projects around the city. But as well as this, there is a monetary grant, which gives these projects a foothold. What if we could apply these principles on a nation-wide scale?

What I am saying is that after we leave the EU, the UK has the opportunity to become a country rich with culture and innovation, and leave the bomb behind. Think the country that brought you the Raspberry Pi, ARM, and the Venn Diagram- not Battlefield Britain. If the UK is to become a cultural hub- then there is no need for Trident.

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There will still be those who say Trident is crucial for the defense of our country (despite that fact we’d no longer be a threat under the new system). To them I would say that Trident will not protect our country if the bomb hits- men and women manning our front-line along with our armed and security forces will protect us. It’s called a deterrent, and not a defense for a reason.

Brexit has not changed the opinions of many people, it has merely divided us based on them. However, it is just possible- that Brexit could be an opportunity not to close ourselves off from Europe, but to open ourselves up to the whole world. And I know 49 per cent of the country who will support this.


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