This Simple Rule Could Mend Politics:


Hiya. You may or may not remember that in our last article, we spoke about Jacob Rees-Mogg, and why we deserve better than him as a leader (not that he has any plans to run as of yet). We also used this example and related it to the greater context of how politicians throughout time have put their own business interests first, and gotten away with it.

Choosing the right politician can be difficult- after all spin is their middle name (yes all MPs have to legally change their middle name). There are so many factors to consider, leadership style, where their interests lie, their philosophies. People are often criticised for voting with a narrow mind- but I don’t blame people who have been misinformed and voted based on factors which in reality aren’t relevant.

So how can we fix this then? Until recently, I would have advocated more extensive education about elections, parties and different candidates. However, now (although I still advocate this)- there is one rule which Parliament could implement which could significantly cut out this key problem of politics which I referenced earlier. All it would take is one law:

If an MP receives more annual income from another job, they must give up this job and source of income- or face being removed from office.

Of corse, this would only apply to MPs, not Peers sitting in the House of Lords (as this role relies on a specific expertise from a specific field). But for MPs, this would mean their role as representative would be their main livelihood and source of income.


This would by no means purge the House of Commons of mega rich MPs- but that’s not the point. Every MP would be in politics for good, not just something on the side. This is our best shot of making sure politics is used for the good of ordinary citizens, not just for the personal gain of the ones elected…


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