What You Need To Know About Jacob Rees-Mogg 

As someone who identifies as a socialist today, there’s still a part of me that prefers Margaret Thatcher to Theresa May. Man, politics must be broken…

Don’t get me wrong, as a socialist (yes we get it you’re a socialist), I remain fundamentally opposed to most of Thatcher’s policies and principles.  For example, how she lowered corporation tax rates drastically  (I would raise them significant per cents from the current level -7.11.17-). But I dislike her political figure because of her actions. Looking at Theresa May, she seems to agree with everything I believe in. Her relentless messages about the ‘Just About Managing’, the need for community and a shared responsibility for poverty and suffering. And I’ve been called the ‘minister for slightly confused ideology’.

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Singletrack Magazine

I dislike Margret Thatcher because of her actions, and how they contradicted my own personal beliefs. I dislike Theresa May because of her inaction.

Initially, I identified this divide again about a month ago, when looking at the case for Rees-Mogg in our country. With the numerator being Theresa May (again), and the denominator being Mr Rees-Mogg. But I was drawn into a trap.

Like Thatcher, Rees-Mogg is apologetically right wing- and shows no attempt at appeasement (unlike some). Furthermore, he has a glistening personally which shines through his ability to talk eloquently about his own right wing values without a teleprompter. Admirable, but this led to my realization.

Upon hearing Rees-Mogg’s views on Gay Marriage- my first response was ‘fair enough’. He spoke to Jon Snow about how he didn’t disagree with a person being gay, he just accepted the Catholic Church’s view that marriage is between a man and a woman. Wait a second, irrespective of whether he likes or dislikes gay people, were we to elect Rees-Mogg, we would be electing a leader who does not agree with gay marriage. In 2017. That’s like setting up the foundations for a universal health care provision for all, then electing someone who will repeal-

Ah okay. That did happen.

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Somerset Live

So a bit of a regression for society in that respect. Let’s see, what else do we have here? Oh yeah, his ability to speak from his heart. Well, that’s all well and good, but his arguments still remain cynical in the respect of the vested interests he has, drastically favoring corporations and conglomerates to ordinary authors, I mean people. What am I talking about? Well, Rees-Mogg- as well as an MP, holds ‘at least 15 per cent’ of the shares of Somerset Capital Management (his words not mine). JRM has also stated he has made an excess of £1 million from the company- though he wont go into specific figures (Independent).

‘I am fortunate to have a private income and it’s my business

It’s almost as if people don’t understand- if you elect an individual who won’t disclose how much money he has made from private enterprise- then he will work in the interest of his main source of income- just as a business does.

In summary, he may appear straight talking and humorous, but beneath the Etonian confidence lurks an approach to politics which we’ve seen too many times- business interests at the front, and politics on the side. If we are to move forward and fix politics, we have to abandon the shock doctrine, and personality politics- and seek for something much more important.



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