Why November Is A Big Month For Activists

Hacker. For you, the term may depict a pale and pasty specimen- who says he’s been on a date, by which he means chatting to Siri in a coffee shop. However, in reality hackers can be much more motivated than this- there may even be one sat right next to you right now. And if there isn’t, he’s probably hacked the GPS to make it look like he is. Or she. I’m not a sexist. I was just thinking of Mr Robot in my head. In which there are female hackers. So I’m not a sexist.

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INSIGHT Into Diversity
So why would so many hackers want to leave their rooms in November? Well, the answer lies with Anonymous– the hacking collective. As you may be aware, the anonymous image is that of someone wearing a Guy Fawkes Mask- as stylized in the film V for Vendetta. And what is Guy Fawkes associated with? The 5th of- wait for it- November. Mind blown. The group advocate a free-to-browse internet with no government imposed censorship, whilst also condemning the recent rise in fascism, along with other political aims similar to that of the Occupy Movement and Class War.

The fact that Guy Fawkes was uncovered for trying to destroy the establishment (literally), makes this holiday not just popular for people who like to see shiny fires, but for activists too.

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So what have our hacking legion got planned for us on this day? The answer is this: The Million Mask March. TMMM is an organised protest (which occurs in most major cities around the world)- and London has typically been a hot-spot in previous years. Traditionally, activists meet in Trafalgar Square at 6pm and the protest officially lasts until 9pm. I say officially as there are always some at the protests who decide to move beyond the designated protest space, and who try to carry it on after the designated finishing time. Last year, around 60 arrests were made, compared to the many thousands more who joined in.

So is this a violent protest? Well, not exactly. The group tells protest-goers to ‘respect diversity of tactics‘ meaning if you want to throw some bricks- then the collective will not disapprove. However, like I said before, only 60 arrests were made last year- and no ambulances have been called to the scene in previous years. Anonymous also say that face coverings ‘are always optional’.

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However, should you not want to partake in some ‘diverse’ protest, then you can find many more people being riled up online, and you can always try and organize a small protest at your local fireworks night…

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