5 Predictions For Doctor Who S11

Hey. No less than a day ago, the new show runner for Dr Who – Chris Chibnall-  set out his plans for the next season of Who, which include a revamped sonic screwdriver and TARDIS, along with a change to the programs timings (we can expect hour long episodes instead of the usual 45 mins). With this brand new information in mind, ordinary author wants to share their predictions of what to expect in the next season of Who:

1. More ‘Historical’ Episodes

Perhaps a new who ‘sode could uncover tye mysterious origins of Stonehenge…

There’s often a consensus that the episodes of Dr Who that are set in the past are not the best ones. However, the new showrunner Chris Chibnall has said before that he would like to see an end to this. And with his attention to detail, and plans to entirely revamp the show- we could expect more historical ‘sodes…

2. Different monsters (and old ones)

It’s always nice to see an old character in Dr Who, even if it’s just a quick reference. It would be nice to see some old friends (or enimies) next season- I’m thinking Autons or Slitheen. It would also nice to see some brand new iconic villains- like the balhoonrian. He’s a man with balloons for hands. He’s my invention.

3. The Doctor’s Backstory

In doctor who: the movie, the doctor whispers in a man’s ear ‘I’m part human on my mother’s side’.

For a long time now, there have been whispers in the dark about the Doctor’s heritage. Many people believe our favourite time lord might be part human, and this was even insinuated by Masie Williams’ character the season before last when she suggested the reason the Doctor spent so much time on earth was because of his human mother. We could be closer than ever to finding out the truth…

4. Another Time Lord (and villain)

All we know so far is that the Corsair is spottable by his mark, which he wore in all incarnations…

If you are a die hard fan of the show, then you may have heard of the Corsair. Like the Doctor, he/she is a time lord who travels through space and time- but is more politically motivated, and more pirate like. Nevertheless, the Doctor has hinted at their meetings in the past (with both male and female), and the full featuring of this character of mystery could make for a very interesting story. (See: ‘The Doctor’s Wife’)

4. Daleks

Supprisingly, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the Daleks. They’ve also been featured in mainly future or presently set episodes as of late. Maybe the days of a vast Dalek empire at the heart of a historical event can resume. Daleks In Manhattan style.

5. New New York

It’s a stretch, but wouldn’t it be amazing to see this classic setting remastered and featured in an all new episode? That would make fans jaws drop, really…

All images (c) BBC Cymru

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