Should Directors Direct The Trailer?

Sup. We all have different tastes in film, and I’m sure that we’ve all been to a film and not got what we expected- at some point in our lives. But can this be avoided?

One common reason for people not enjoying a film which they’ve spent time and money watching is that it was nothing like the trailer. And in fairness, the Directors aren’t trying to trick you- in fact, most of the time, film trailers have separate Directors to the film it’ self.

Image result for film trailerThere are notable exceptions to this, such as Christopher Nolan, or Ridley Scott- bt most Directors still have little control over the promotional trailers of their work. ‘Create‘ is perhaps the most revered trailer agency, responsible for the trailers of many films such as Casino Royale, Iron Man, and X-Men: Appocolype. In an interview with the Independent, the owner of Create said this:

Once they’ve produced a trailer: ‘they show it to the director and there’s a good chance they’ll become involved’.

Image result for film trailerThere’s also the aspect of trailer music. Along with the film it’s self, the music is often considered a key feature of the production- and yet many major Hollywood productions pay for the aid of a talanted trailer composer. These include ‘Ursine Vulpine’, who along with music for Alien: Covenant and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire– has just composed the trailer music for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Whilst making an incredible presentation, it is clear the trailer music does more to futher the trailer from the reaility of the film.

So what do you think? Should trailers have to more closely resemble their actual reason for existing, or should the purpose of a trailer be to advertise their product and try and sell it to the masses? It up to you, but as always: have a thoroughly ordinary day.

Just kidding have a great one 😉

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