Like A Dog’s Purpose, But Good.

**I just realised after reading this article the whole way through, it seemed a bit far fetched. But I do like the look of this film, and imma upload it anyway…**

Hey. Always start your blog entry with a greeting, you wouldn’t just jump straight into conversation with someone would you? Anyway, it’s not often that a film about animals excites me. Actually it’s not ever.

In my mind, this is partly because animal films are typically all airy fairy and are aimed at kids, dumb kids at that (but that seems to be most films for kids these days). See: The Secret Life of Pets. The other reason is because of the treatment of animals on set. See: A Dogs Purpose. Actually don’t see it, you’ll be funding the mistreatment of animals.

At this point you’re probably saying ‘but ordinary author, we can learn a lot from kids films. They teach us important values like compassion and tolerance’. But can’t we do better than that? What about subject matter?

Isle Of Dogs Film

So is it possible that a good film about animals could come out, which doesn’t harm animals- and actually has subject matter? Well, I have high hopes for Isle Of Dogs. 

Set 20 years in the future, Japan is overcrowded with dogs, which leads to a canine flu epidemic. Because of this, all the dogs of a Japanese city are banished to an island made of garbage. Seemingly stranded on this island, they manage to find purpose when a 12 year old boy crashes on the island, looking for his pet. Now that’s a dogs purpose.

Isle Of Dogs Film

If you’re a long time reader of this blog, then you’ll know I hate the way kids are treated like idiots when it comes comes to movies. There’s a difference between making films for idiots and making films for kids (well, there is in my mind). Children should not be subject of overtly graphic or obscene content- but I’ve always said- if kids are smart enough to understand the entire Marvel Cinematic Timeline, then they can easily understand the situation in Myanmar.

Fantastic Mr Fox Film

If I can believe the trailer, then Isle Of Dogs shows that kids can be subject to real subject matter, without being overly scarred or upset. The look and feel of IOG looks to closely resemble Fantastic Mr Fox, which Wes Anderson directed. And funny that, because IOG is also one of his own. What made FMF stand out, in my opinion, was although a classic adventure tale- Anderson was not afraid to portray the brutal side of animal life (and the fight for survival). If you’re unfamiliar with the tale, a family of foxes, lead by the charismatic Mr Fox fight for survival as three evil farmers threaten their more or less peaceful existence. You wouldn’t say that it was inappropriate for children, but it wasn’t afraid to show them that life isn’t always kind. 

Isle Of Dogs Film

In summary, the Isle Of Dogs movie looks to be an interesting tale for all ages. And you know what, I might even go so far as to say it could be a film


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