Why Greenwich Is The Perfect Trip For Geeks.

Hello- and welcome back to the series where we look at a particular place I’ve visited, and why it is perfect for geeks. Otherwise known as my life.

Some of the kidding aside, I’ve literally just come back from a weekend in Greenwich with my Dad who paid for the trip and navigated London’s transport system whilst I scouted for the nearest Nandoes like real men do. My primary objective of this visit was to attend the Greenwich Comedy Festival– but I also did some other activity on the side. And I have to say- I had a rather good time.

Greenwich is situated just behind Canary Wharf, the vast city-scape which is one of London’s many iconic sights. You can smell the capitalism. Greenwich on the other hand, is full of green space, the market, the Royal Observatory, and some stuff like that. Actually, I’ve started on the observatory so I might as well finish. 

Although I’ve made it sound like a bunch of boring trees, there’s probably more for Geeks in Greenwich than there is in the rest of London, like the observatory. It is situated at the top of a hill which overlooks the Naval College, with the cityscape in the background. The view alone is enough to prompt a visit, and looks something like this:

It’s just like a normal view, but for Geeks. However if you need a little more incentive, then just to the left of this picture is the Royal Observatory. It’s just like a normal observatory, but for Geeks. And what does it observe? Time. Here you will find the Prime Meridian– otherwise known as the GMT line which sets the time standard for every other country (yeah, we bloody invented it). Furthermore, as well as the time line, there’s a small musueum which takes you on a journey through the history of time and time keeping.

Time not your thing? You might also like the Greenwich Market. Located in the centre of town (you should see a few signs), this iconic market features different spices, coffee beans, clothes, and numerous print galleries- which I really liked. It’s just like a normal market, but for geeks. 

Despite all the culture and history (and I didn’t even see the maritime museum), Greenwich stays full of character and charm. There’s a small cinema, and small Sainsbury’s. It’s just like a normal Sainsbury’s, but it’s small. To any geek, or ship enthusiast, or thrilling view seeker- or blogger- or whatever: Greenwich is pretty nice…

all images (c) ordinary author 2017

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