This Spring-Loaded Charger Can Smash A Car Windscreen.

Hiya. As you may know, Ordinary Author is always on the look out for new and INTERESTING bits of tech (actually it’s not). But I came across this new item online and I might just be interesting and weird enough to feature on the blog:

KoTech Stinger Emergency Escape Tool
Credit: Zstylus Innovations
It’s called the Ztylus Stinger Charger Emergency Tool. But what does it do? Well, have you ever looked at a charger, and thought ‘It’s okay, but I wish it could have enough spring-loaded punch to smash a car windshield, plus a built in seat-belt cutter’. Well, this does just that.

I didn’t realise this, but emergency tools like this are becoming increasingly popular in the US, in the ever-present threat of car collisions. What makes this device special is that it is primary an in-car charger- which can respectably charge your device. But then if a crash happens- BAMM! Whip out the spring-loaded charger, and punch your way to safety. I think I’m selling it sufficiently.

In an increasing unstable and divisive time, buy a charger which can punch through glass. Buy now at .

And stay tuned in the future for more unusual and interesting products (possibly IDK)…

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