6 People That Could Be Apple’s Next CEO:

With Tim Cook Announcing his retire- just kidding. However, old Timmy can’t be CEO at Apple forever- and it’s important we brainstorm possible future CEO’s for the company. Actually it’s not really important. But it is interesting- plus IT IS fun to speculate. If it’s at no cost. So, without further ado, here’s ordinary author’s personal picks for Apple’s Next CEO:

Phil Schiller,

 He may have gone under the radar lately, but Schiller has a very important role in the company- head of Worldwide Marketing. This is particularly relevant now given the wealth of new products Apple are making that need their own image for the first time (like the Apple Pencil or the HomePod). When Cook retires, it might be about time for Schiller to step up.

Craig Federighi,

Federighi has been under the limelight lots lately. As head of Software Engineering, he has had a large responsibility in the company and seen the introduction of many new software versions and features over the years- and still manages to crack a few jokes at the WWDC every year. If there is a popular candidate to win- then it’s probably no other than hair-force-one himself.

Even Spiegel,

Who said it had to be from inside the company? Of corse this has been a tradition in the past, but it’s fair to say Tim Cook is more open to other business models and insights- unlike Jobs. The move may well be made to recruit from outside the company, and if so, then the co-founder and CEO of Snapchat might be a good place to start looking…

Jeff Williams,

When Steve Jobs passed on his title of CEO many years ago, it was passed to the chief operating officer– Tim Cook, and the rest is history. This would seem another logical choice- with the COO being reposible for the company’s day-to-day operations all around the globe…

Jony Ive,

We all know and love Jony Ive for his design work on everything Apple. However we know him well enough to say it seems strange to imagine this quiet visionary running the Applesphere. However, since Apple has always been a design led company- I include Ive as an intriguing possibility… Plus, Apple as we know it was pretty much built by him, along with Jobs.

Ron Dennis,

You may not have heard of this chap, but this CBE holder is CEO of the McLaren Technology Group, yep, the sports car company. This might seem like a strange choice, but it seems like a pretty sound choice also. Don’t ask how, it just does. Actually it might not be him, but um, I can really see Apple investing in more designer or sports car personnelle in the future. Possibly.

These are just some ideas for now, and I’m sure the overall picture will change over time, but here are some interesting ideas to get started with. What about you? Who is your candidate?

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