Apple Event Predictions (September 2017)

Hi all, hope you’re well, and if you’re not then eat an apple a day, and if you can’t be bothered to do that- just buy a MacBook Pro.

You probably know by now that a few days ago, Apple announced a special event, which will be held on 12th September. Traditionally, this annual September event has seen the announcement of new products, from iPhones to Apple TVs- and this year will probably be no exception. With that in mind, here are my predictions for what will be announced this next coming week:

1. iPhone Pro (and 7s).

Image result for iphone pro
Credit: The Sun

Although we can expect the launch of an ‘S’ version of the iPhone 7- everyone’s attention is now focused on the iPhone Pro. Many believe that this new version of the iPhone will be even larger and more powerful than the Plus model of the iPhone. It is likely this will have an improved front and back camera, along with a more powerful processor. There are even rumors pointing towards an edge-to-edge display. Aside from this, it’s also likely the iPhone 7s will feature wireless charging…

2. Apple TV– a proper one this time.

Image result for apple oled tv
Credit: BGR

This is a bit of a grey area compared to some of the other predictions on the list,  it about a month ago, blurry photos emerged which appeared to show the Apple logo on the back of an OLED TV. If the pictures are real, then we can expect to see an Actual TV from Apple, with built in TVos, and, um, 4K? Maybe this year…

3. The HomePod.

Image result for homepod
Credit: 9to5Mac

We gazed in awe and wonder earlier this year as Apple revealed their smart speaker– the HomePod. However, many details about this talky talky home Siri still remain in the shadows. The matte black shadows. Hopefully Apple can shed some more light on this on 12/09.

4. Series 3 Apple Watch

Image result for apple watch
Credit: Apple

Rumors also point to a new Apple Watch, with improved motion sensors and the ability to track a much wider range of workouts because of this.  Okay that’s enough talking about exercise. I feel all tired now.

5. iPhone SE 2?

Image result for iphone se
Credit: Apple

People care about the iPhone SE? Yes, apparently. There are various rumors pointing towards a refreshed version of Apple’s smaller iPhone– with more powerful insides…


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