Thank You For Reading!

Dear Readers,

Today marks the one year anniversary of creating this blog. Obviously, back then, it wasn’t called ordinary author- it was . Soon, after my school was involved in a ‘homophobia scandal’- I posted a passionate article defending my school.  It was at this point that I realized that blogging could help express that part of myself that I can’t always show in public (and that’s probably for the better). And so, it became– and then at Christmas, it became– to make it look more professional and look like it’s more popular than it actually is.

Since then, I have churned out many scrawling across the web, and seen some more people tune in to read, week by week (surprisingly).

My blog might not be as popular as, but you know what? It has a collection of some of the strangest and most unique articles on the planet. And I’m incredibly proud of that. I hope moving forward, that I can continue making such bizarre and unique content- that hopefully annoys some people too.

Heres to another year of questionable content, and I’ll see you on the blog.

Your’s Faithfully;

Your Mum.

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