Ordinary Author’s Person of the Year

Some years people won’t care about 30 years along the line. This isn’t one of them. From SpaceX to Brexit- 2016 has been one for the history books. But the year wouldn’t have been so without the people who shaped it, so without further ado, here’s Ordinary Author’s top 10 people of the year…

10: Mark Zuckerberg


Having risen to fame years ago with the creation of Facebook and having once been the worlds youngest billionaire, Zuckerberg carries on developing the ever prevelant platform- but it hasn’t come without it’s fair share of criticism. See our article on Facebook…

09: Kanye West

FACT Magazine

One must ask; when is Kanye not in the papers? Following his announcement to run for office in 2020, it seems West has been more politically charged than ever. However in a shocking turn, he was admitted to hospital about a week ago and has remained there since. We wish him a speedy recovery.

08: Rusell Brand


On the other side of the political spectrum now, and Rusell Brand has made his return to social media- continuing his critique of consumer society and various individuals and entities on THE TREWS. He also started a UK tour (Exposed, which was very good live by the way) and seems to be better in touch with his classic comedy side. It might be a step down from his political glory days– but it’s good to have him back on the Internet…

07: Tim Cook


I doubt anyone will ever forget Apple or their gorgeous expensive phones so many people have. However, there has been a stronger critique than ever towards the brand this year- as they strive for perfection by removing the headphone jack, and the USB ports, and their old reputation.

06: Sir David Attenborough

The Independent

This English film maker has been well known and recognised for about as along as documentaries have existed now, and as he reaches 90, he proves he hasn’t lost any of his vigour – helping produce the gorgeous Planet Earth II, which more people tuned in to watch than the finale of X Factor.

05: Charlie Brooker

The Independent

Having risen to TV stardom out of the firey depths of his Guardian ‘Screen Burn’ column, Brooker presents the yearly screenwipe on BBC 2. But the thing that lands him on the list is his TV Show Black Mirror which made its way onto Netflix this year. A hideous depiction of the future, and how it could happen- Black Mirror will certainly cast it’s shadow over your soul forever… 

04: Theresa May


Negotiating the UK’s Brexit Deal, providing an alternative to the growing wave of anti-politics, and being the country’s second Female PM. No pressure then? It remains to be seen if Mrs May can deliver on all her election promises, but just to cope under the current climate would be a monumental achievement.

03: Casey Neistat

The Coveteur

A HBO producer years ago, and turned a YouTuber on the release of the platform. If there’s anyone who can demonstrate the power of social media- it’s Casey. 2016 has seen him grow his channel at the rate of a Boosted Board. But he’s not done defying expectations yet- Neistat has just revealed that he will sell his company Beme to CNN. Read our article on what we would like to see from this deal

02: Elon Musk


He’s been in this game for a long time now, but Musk continues to be at the forefront for culture and innovation. His SpaceX project plans to get at least one million people to Mars, and his electric car range is running like a Tesla. We’ll look forward to seeing any developments in his endeavours.

01: James Le Mesurier

Al Jazeera

You might not know our person of the year, but you should. An armed forces veteran, Le Mesurier founded the Syrian Civil Defense back in 2013 (known better as the Whitehelmets)- a voluntary organisation which provide humanitarian aid and disaster management in Syria, where it is needed most. Despite having been around since ’13, no more was this group needed than this year- following the conflicts between the Syrian Army and various ‘rebel groups’- and the devistating effect this had on the population.

‘When the bombs rain down, the Whitehelmets rush in’. 


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