Apple Announces Tissue Dispenser.

As I am typing this, Apple’s 2017 WWDC is coming to a close, and some interesting announcements have been made.

The main event- Software:

Apple announced iOS 11- and demonstrated some of its new features, and the thing that particularly stood out to me was how the software would be implemented on the new iPad Pro. When the iPad Pro first hit the shops, and your wallets, many people complained that for the price- the iPad Pro wasn’t pro enough. However with the new update on the iPad Pro, a file manager was included- which lets users see all their files at a glance and gives greater control and customisation. If you’re not sure what I’m on about, just check your android phone.

Other features included a drag and drop feature for pictures, a Mac-style icon dock which emerges on any app from the bottom of the screen, and a flick keyboard- which let’s users flick down on the top line of letters on the keyboard for quick access to the numbers. But perhaps the best new feature was the scanner– which lets users take pictures of documents, which are then instantly flattened out and converted into PDF format.

That Pro enough for you yet?

One More Thing:

Credit: Apple

Apple also announced a new product today, which was slightly un-expected. It was rumoured that Apple were working on a home speaker, to rival that of the Amazon Echo (or Google Home), but I wasn’t expecting it to so soon. Maybe I’m just out of touch.

Meet the HomePod (wow, original).

The HomePod is a compact smart speaker, which stands around 7 inches tall. Inside the speaker, is an Apple A8 chip (the same as in the iPhone) which controls the Siri functions such as setting reminders or asking what song is playing. Apple also claim that the new speaker will be ‘distortion free‘ due to the wide array of tweeters, drivers, and woofers. However, this has yet to be tested by a third party. Plus there’s a Siri waveform at the top of the speaker, which will light up when engaging with Siri. So that’s quite cool.


Apple have also made a commitment to privacy, saying that no data will be sent to Apple until the words Hey Siri are spoken and that data is encrypted. However, personally, I still think that privacy lovers should be weary as Apple have not released details of their privacy plans for the device…

The HomePod will be available from December, costing a not so unpredictable $349. Oh, and it comes in charcoal and white. I also think we’ll be hearing a lot more about it from now until then.  Expect a full review in the future. Possibly.

Thumbnail credit: Apple

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