6 Tips To Genuinely Prepare For The Apocalypse.

As fun as going solo against 10,000 zombies with a samurai sword sounds, something tells me it would be a little different in real life. I’m by no means saying you wouldn’t have a bit of fun- but if survival is your goal, you won’t score. However, there are many ways in which you can genuinely prepare for the end of days, they won’t be as exciting- but they are more realistic…

Learn Another Language

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-Daily Pnut
If there is a massive humanitarian crisis which affects the whole world, then it’s fair to say that there will be displacement. Because of the scale of this massive imaginary fallout, this means that you’ll probably have to spend some time in another country where English is not the official language. Learning any other language can help you communicate with other people- and community and communication is the key to survival. It’s also useful on the way, um, I mean even if Armageddon doesn’t happen.

Buy Compressed Air

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Buying canned food is all well and good, but you can’t eat it if you’re dead. With air pollution levels on the rise, one increasingly popular prediction of how the world will end involves a shortage of clean air. Many of Asia’s innovative capitals sell canned air which can be stored for a more dirty time. It is also inevitable that people will begin to buy air as an investment, ready to sell for a profit at a later time. So buying air, as well as for practical reasons, may also put you in a better position to bargain for your safety. Should that day ever come (I keep on adding these disclaimers).

Clean Eating (The Proper Way)

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There is one theory which states that the next big disease pandemic may start from inside a can of processed food– this is understandable when you think about the steps in the production line of processed foods. However, there are many different farms and organisations which offer organic and bio-dynamic food (which seeks to improve the quality of the soil)- from farm to table. A mass adoption of local organic food might just prevent the next disaster from ever happening.

Basic Survival Skills

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These include swimming, running, and basic self defense. Not everyone can be good at mountain climbing, kayaking, or wind-surfing- but to at least have this basic skill set should prepare you for a conflict of peoples.

Watch News and Current Affairs

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Make sure you keep yourself up to date with what is happening in the world- besides alerting you to any natural disasters/conventional issues- it will also alert you to how oppressive your own government is. This is important as it is very possible the world could end simply by a leader of a particular country ‘cracking down’ on free speech and taking political prisoners. Stay up to date with news, and know when it’s time to leave the country.

Save The Books, Not The Tech

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If some millennium-bug style fallout caused all our tech to stop working, this would be a small inconvenience. What would make it worse however, is if we not only lost our tech, but our supply of knowledge through books too. We should concentrate on preserving our knowledge by keeping books safe. Let’s not forget what the internet is built on top of…


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