New Star Wars Footage Comfirms a Major Fan-Theory

Lucasfilm ltd are back at it again, and are continuing in their tactical campaign of releasing various bits of footage leading up to the release of Star Wars: Episode 8 later on this year (December to be exact), and making fans squeel with delight in the process. 

Last night’s reel of behind the scenes footage, gave fans a glimpse into the film- and was fairly heavy with new details too. One part of the footage showed Daisy Ridley (Rey in the film) training with a fake lightsaber. What excited fans about this part of the footage is that it showed Rey and a handful of other men fighting with lightsabers. This suggests that Rey could not only be fighting Kylo Ren, but other Sith characters as well.

Latest pics show a hooded Rey. Ooooooh!!!!
It is highly likely that these other sabered-characters are The Knights of Ren, a group of Sith who follow Kylo Ren. Most fans also believe that these are the group of hooded figures depicted with Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, during Rey’s force vision. So if this combat-training footage really does contain the Knights of Ren, then fan predictions would indeed become true- and we would even get to see Rey taking on the Knights of Ren.

Aside from this, a few more interesting things were showcased in last night’s behind the scenes look. We got to see many new and exotic characters, of different species- many of which were in aristocratic dress- which is interesting. These creatures may therefore be from the central home of the republic, which was destroyed last film. Many of them may also be from a new Casino Planet as well though, which The Guardian describes as Star Wars’ weirdest planet yet. It’s highly likely that there could be flashbacks in this film to an earlier time, and as well as these posh creatures, shots have also shown people with the Republic’s Star Trek like insignia on their chest- like the one which we saw being worn on the planet that was destroyed in the last movie. 

Finally, some of our favourite characters are back- including Rey (ofcorse), Luke, Finn, Poe, and C3PO- plus many more. We’ll wait with baited breath until December, and no doubt more footage will be masterfully teased until then to raise the emotions. IT’S STAR WARS THO….

All pictures credit: Disney/Lucasfilm ltd


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