The Mermaid Craze, Explained:

The world is often a strange place, and seeing a bunch of grown women dressing up as mermaids, buying mermaid related merchandise, and making so called ‘mermaid snacks‘ backs this up- in my opinion.

It s hard to say where this trend began. You might trace its roots back to Disney’s The Little Mermaid movie- but what caused the trend to start up again since then? It’s hard to pin-point exactly, but a good guess would be the media attention that a group of people ‘living as mermaids’  in Seattle got earlier this year. This group of people dress up as mermaids and spend hours every week swimming in lakes and posing as part of what the Mirror called a group of ‘merpeople that is growing rapidly in Seattle’. I say merpeople because although this craze is mainly taken up by the female gender, there are also mermen out there- apparently. And it’s important we call them mermen, not mermaids- apparently.

Diabetes anyone?

Since then, it was reported that a school in the Philippines teaches students how to be mermaids (Cosmopolitan), a sea life centre in the US which showcases performing mermaids, and the mermaid culture has grown from there. The spanning out of this culture includes mermaid t shirts, tails, and mermaid snacks– that look absolutely disgusting. I mean they’re just normal foods, with hella lots of blue and green food colouring on them. But if this is what the people want, then diabetes it is.

So if you’re looking for the next hottest trend to jump (or splash- your welcome) onto, the mermaid craze could be it. Sigh. Still, I suppose there could be a lot worse gaining prominence today. At least its more inventive, and less stupid than the burn yourself challenge. Some people these days, honestly.


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