My 10 Favourite Films (So Far):

Page 5 of IMDB. 5, or 6 ish. That’s where the real gold lies. You see, on page one there’ll be the catch-all films that everyone likes- but beyond that- there are the films, still at the front end of the sight, but the ones that have divided critics. Those are the best ones in my opinion, and I would say that, because many of the films I have curated on my list come from that area.

Anyway, here is my list of favourite films ever. Everyone has different tastes, but many of these films I discovered from hearing about other peoples tastes- and I hope you can do the same. It’s hard to rank my top 10 films, because they’re all worth watching- but I’ve done it anyway- because DEDICATION. Also as a side note, I haven’t put the years of the films because that will only hold you back, and it doesn’t matter. I probably should put the age cert. but I can’t be bothered (loosing energy in the second paragraph). Some of them are 18s.


A film by diverse British Director Danny Boyle (127 Hours, Steve Jobs), set in Scotland, Trainspotting follows Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) on a journey as he tries to quit heroine. Unfortunatly, his experiences with his mates after this don’t quite match up to his hopes of calm and rehabilitation…

Trainspotting is a humorous and often revolting tale (that toilet scene tho) of a group of friends and the struggles of desperate characters. There are many British films about friendship and fitting in, but this one is one of the originals- and the real deal.


When a programmer (Domhnall Gleeson) wins a company competition, he gains the opportunity to travel to his CEO’s reclusive wood-side testing facility and experience artificial intelligence. After some intense confrontations between Caleb (Gleeson) his boss and the intelligent machine- events begin to take a downward spiral.

With a minimal setting, and even more minimal casting- ex_m. delivers an intense and atmospheric tale which will defiantly leave you with an uneasy feeling. It’s worth watching for its nail-biting setting and conversations though.

This Is England

Set in England shortly after the Falklands War, Shaun misses his Dad- who was killed in action during the War. Longing for friendship and acceptance, Shaun join a group of skinheads and enjoys their company. Unfortunately, some friends of Shaun’s friends don’t share the same good-will, and he is dragged into a world of hate and brutality…

A tale more emotional than Trainspotting, TIE shows us the need for fitting in and the vulnerabilities of many young people growing up. It also makes a profound and emotional statement on nationalism and pride, which many say accurately reflects the mood which existed in England then.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Eggsy is a late teen on a tough council estate in London. Feeling like there’s nothing to loose, he enters the trials to become a Kingsman, an elite secret agent (like his dad once was). Fighting not only the challenge of the trials, but the prejudices of his fellow agents-in-training, he is eventually drawn into a conflict greater than him…

Smart and sassy, but not Deadpool level meta, the first Kingsman film brought something new to the table and was witty, stylish and featured first class action scenes and choreography. We can’t wait for the next film later this year. Or is it next year? If you haven’t seen it, that wasn’t a joke or a reference- I genuinely don’t know when it comes out.


A film by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Dunkirk), Interstellar begins on a future Earth. Hit by another great dust ball, and with crops beginning to fail, scientists must venture out into the unknown and search the stars for a solution to Earth’s imminent demise…

Interstellar is a vast tale of adventure, with smart scientific elements, along with visuals which will make your jaw drop (probably a little bit). Vast and often unsettling, it must be watched.

The Godfather

Don Vito Corleone is the head of one of the few major Mafia Families of America- but when conflict between the families leaves Vito badly injured- his son Michael must step into his father’s mafia life alongside his brother’s and give the other families an offer they can’t refuse…

They say it’s a classic, but it’s actually very good. A gripping tale of planning and execution, The Godfather is a thoroughly good film through its constantly unfolding story. Watch it and understand what the fuss is about.

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is one of Stanley Kubrick’s earlier films, and follows Alex and his Droogs through a dystopian London. There’s nothing they like to embark on more than ‘a little of the old ultraviolence’, but when Alex is caught- it is shown that rehabilitation from the establishment isn’t always as pleasant as it sounds…

Unsettling, disturbing and dystopian- Kuberic uses his directing talents and combines his uneasy feeling style of cinematography with music and a strange narrative. It’s not for everyone, but the film is interesting and worth watching for something.

Pulp Fiction

Jules and Vincent are hit men with a knack for philosophical discussions, working for their boss Marcellus. The film is split into different chapters, which occur at different points in the film’s timeline, and demonstrate how the paths of different characters can cross…

Witty and profound dialogue, combined with a non linear storyline and the occasional shootout make this film the amazing case study it is today. 

The Shining

When Jack and his family move to a reclusive hotel for a winter work placement- taking care of the deserted hotel- he feels it will provide some respite and give him a change to work on his novel. However, the quiet of the hotel proves more maddening than it first seemed…

The Shining builds on the chilling style of directing Kubrick employs in A Clockwork Orange. It may not be as strange or dystopian as ACO but it is far more chilling, and is the film widely recognised for landing Kubrick the title of the world’s greatest film director. 

Kill Bill: Volume One (might as well stick Vol.2 in there as well.)

There was a time when The Bride was part of an elite killing squad known as the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. However, when she leaves and is about to get married to a man in Texas- the Vipers crash the wedding and shoot all of the attendees. But there’s one they failed to kill completely- and now ‘back from the dead’, she is determined to get her revenge on those who betrayed her…

Kill Bill builds on the same killer dialogue director Tarantino uses in Pulp Fiction. That combined with beautifully correographed and amazing and fun action scenes make this, in my opinion, the best film ever. It’s just so cool man.

Also the music.

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