The Intriguing Brand of Billy!

Wash bags, stickers, t-shirts, and $150 necklaces. I am of course referring to Candice Pool Neistat’s brand Billy!

At the heart of the outlet, is just the word Billy! stylized in bold with the Adobe Caslon Pro typeface (or something like that). It’s a simple idea- but it works perfectly and provides the basis for an iconic and unusual US business. As it says on the site: ‘i love the way it sounds and i love the way it looks.’ And it looks as if it could be up there, competing with the likes of Hollister or Ralph Lauren (they still cool?) .

Image result for billy! candiceSome might say that Billy! is a company with it’s head in the clouds, a hobby for rich hipsters- but there is no denying that it speaks something unique and original to the crowd. The T-Shirts are cool, and the Jewellery is award-winning.

Candice started off making Jewellery only, but built Billy! on a style that she claimed better represented her. ‘It’s that tomboy, effortless style… that needed an outlet.’ Speaking of the outlet- it is located in NYC, but if you don’t feel like making a trip down to the big apple just for this- you can also order online.

Image result for billy! candice neistat
Credit: Vogue

It’s hard to say what Billy! will become, because of it’s unpredictable style- but I would definitely say Billy! is something to watch throughout the rest of 2017. It’s unique, expensive, hipster, gold, ruby and stickers.

Image result for billy! candice
Credit: Resource Magazine

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