Which Comedians Are Thriving Off 2017?

Whilst many people are divided on political issues (now more than ever maybe), it’s true to say that we’re living in the most trivial and theatrical age for politics. So much so in fact, that many show writers and veteran comedians are fleeing the scene altogether- either because they’re putt off by the state of things in 2017, or simply because they can’t create comedy better than that coming from the White House it’s self.

This was epitomised last week when veteran show writer Armando Iannucci (Veep, The Thick Of It) said he may stop writing altogether, as many of his slogans and scenarios have ended up coming true. So we know that Armando is out of the question, but many comedians have also embraced this divisive and crazy time- and produced something worth seeing. Here are some of the ones who haven’t let 2017 get them down:

John Oliver

Credit: HBO/Last Week Tonight show
Although providing more serious content nowadays (well more serious things are going on), Oliver still manages to deliver his signature style of Satire. On his own Last Week Tonight, which airs Sundays on HBO, Oliver has leant his humour to us at the best, and most bizarre, of times…

Bill Maher

Credit: HBO/Real Time With Bill Maher
Another HBO-goer, Maher has presented his Real Time show since 2003, and is well versed in delivering news based satire. Yet, even in the age of Trump, Maher still has prominence on the network and manages to deliver punch lines (and the occasional media blitz)…

Stewart Lee

Currently touring the UK for his ‘content provider’ show (which I can verify is hilarious), Lee is a veteran comedian and TV broadcaster known for his unique style of surrealism and satire- and his latest show still has very high praise from a wide range of critics (except the Telegraph)…

Trevor Noah

An ever-green, Noah has been presenting the Daily Show for a few years now, and his more catch-all humour and dynamic satire is always welcomed. He has also recently released a book which talks about his challenging upbringing as a mixed race child in South Africa, which sounds serious but still has that classic Trevor humour…

Aziz Ansari

Credit: The New Yorker
Originally an actor on screen (Master of None), Ansari’s recent comments on the Trump administration and his new found talents for comedy have landed him in the public eye once again. We’ll wait for his next comments with baited breath…

So what can we take from this. Well, whilst many younger comedians, who started in a simpler time, are being dragged under by the state of things- many veteran comedians such as Bill Maher are thriving (or at least causing a buzz) from the new regimes. However, some new comedians have emerged from the very fire of current affairs- and are gaining recognition from it…



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