Why You Can’t Watch ‘Old Films’:

You deserve better than this- you know you do deep down.

You started off watching good action films like Kingsman: The Secret Service, or Deadpool. But not after long, you’re watching sub-standard films from the genre, and before you know it- you’re spending you’re time watching films that are less than 60 % on rotten tomatoes. What’s more is that you’re justifying watching these films, saying that it must be good because ‘it’s got Liam Neeson in it.Everyone needs money. 

You’re a modern day/action movie addict. You might be an intelligent person, but you’ve become hooked on action. And even though there are all these classics like The Godfather, that people are telling you to watch, it seems like a lot of talking and not much fighting. I mean it’s old- they just didn’t have the greenscreens back then. I know because I’ve been there, but I’ve manged to change my ways through a recovery program which I devised myself. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be in a position to watch any film- regardless of it’s genre or when it was made.

Step One- Transition.

Image result for kill bill

You can’t just go straight in at the deep end, you’ll just end up zoning out and thinking about that new film that probably has Jason Statham in it. You need to realize the value of good dialogue– and how it can benefit a film- whilst getting that fix of action that you so badly need. I started with Kill Bill Volume One. It’s action scenes are expertly choreographed- and the dialogue resembles that of a classic Tarantino film. Because it is. If you need something a bit more PG (or 15), try Shaun of the Dead- a comedy classic, with a small degree of action. These are my recommendations, but if you still feel unsure- you’re looking for a good film- with a small amount of action as well…

Step Two- Look For Modern Classics.

Image result for ex machina

This is highly linked to the former step. You need to look for modern day films, that satisfy your need for green screen- but also have critical acclaim for their overall quality. Such films include EX_MACHINA (sci-fi/dystopian, 2015). Another great recommendation is Breaking Bad (it’s TV I know, but high quality TV), which will make you fall in love with the characters, and is as much about the family life and relationships as it is about the gang based warfare, drugs, and violence…

Step Three- Look For Inspirations.

Image result for heat 1995

If you’re watching a great film of the last few years, look for what inspired the director/writer. A lot of the time, the inspiration is better than what it inspired- even if that is really good. For example, Batman: The Dark Knight used Heat as an inspiration- a film with critical acclaim. DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF! 

So there you have it- a few of my tips to try and widen your range of films to watch- I will also be sharing some of my personal favorite films in another post- but I feel I should give time for you to engage in your therapy first. And remember, if you think you’re a movie snob- you’re probably the opposite…

Thumbnail Credit: The Cabot


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