Tonight’s Doctor Who Tackles Fake News At It’s Heart 

G’day mate. I don’t know why I did that. 

If you’ve been following the blog (and I don’t really blame you if you haven’t ), then you’ll know that we’ve been covering the latest season of Doctor Who- which is currently airing on BBC 1- in great detail. Partly because my love for Who goes back to the age of five, and partly because this new season is genuinely the best thing in the world. *May be slightly biased*


Tonight’s episode (The Lie of the Land) was the third and final part of a trio of connected Doctor Who stories in this season, dubbed ‘the monk trilogy‘. Today’s episode picks up around six months after the events of the last episode, which finished with Bill making a deal with the monks to give the Doctor his eyesight back so that he can save the world. There was only one condition, the earth would belong to the monks. 

And now it seems, the monks have re-written Earth’s very history, making most people think the monks have always been here. The Doctor must team up with some friends (both old and new) to help the people realise the truth and gain back control…


I can’t move on without mentioning the scene with Missy in it. Although brief, it was nice to see the Doctor open the vault (finally) and seek advice from his arch nemesis and rival time lord. Although the mystery surrounding the vault has faded away, the confrontation between Missy and the Doctor was good- and it was great to see Missy keep her usual unique personality.

Also as a side note, I feel like Missy has not turned good, although this is what we’re supposed to believe at this point. We know her too well by now.

Another cool thing was the scene where the Doctor, Bill, and Soilders storm into the pyramid to fight the monks at the end of the episode. You must see this scene to understand what a great piece of cinematography it is. In short, the conflict scene is accompanied by a recording of Bill’s voice looped over to remind everyone who the real enemy was, as their minds were trying to betray them. It reminded me of the cool strobe scene from CoD Ghosts (if you haven’t played it don’t worry- and maybe don’t buy it) and I wanted to give it a shoutout.


Like I’ve said in previous articles on the new Who, the episodes this season have been inspired by current culture and society, and this has given them much deeper meaning. Smile showed us how emojis could be the death of us, Oxygen showed us how capitalism could lead to air rationing in space- and today’s episode didn’t disappoint.

 Because of the re-writing of history- the Doctor must fight what is essentially fake news on a global scale- and the very words FAKE NEWS were used in the episode. It’s good to see current-culture being referenced in these episodes in such a profound way, and it should make these episodes stay memorable and iconic for years to come. Plus it also helps to deliver a critique of certain areas of society…


In summary, this episode was fun to watch and the final part of a highly re-watchable trilogy that I would even buy as a standalone box set.

Tonight’s episode- 9/10 (not ten because you need to watch the two episodes before to really get it- so do that)…


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