5 Predictions for Next Week’s Election

Hi all, Ordinary Author here- finally! I’M NOT DEAD. I guess I might as well be though cus I haven’t uploaded in around two weeks. You see, I have two politics exams next week- one of which falls on the 8th of June which is also Election Day in the UK. All of this, I think, has contributed to that thing where there’s so much going on that you haven’t got the time to write about it. Anyway, here I am, and my WordPress subscription lasts until December so I might as well carry on scrawling in crayon (metaphorically) across the Internet. 

On the subject of the 2017 UK General Election, much buzz has been in the air for the last few weeks- and this has reached its climax this week- following Paxman’s gruelling of Jezza Corbyn and Theresa May which happened last night. With this in mind, I wanted to share my predictions for the outcome of next week’s election. And just to be clear, this article is opinion free- just my completely unqualified opinion. I’m not sure which one is better…

1. A Tory Majority

This election was never going to be an easy battle for the Conservative party, and it will certainly be tighter than we all thought. However, I am still predicting a conservative majority. At a time I would have predicted a hung parliament, but I predict that the lack of turnout from younger voters, and people who like Labour but aren’t really sure (there seems to be a lot of those) will shift things the way of the Conservatives. Promising free tuition might not be enough to get Labour through to government (though they have many other promises)…

2. Gains for the Liberal Democrats

Last election in 2015, the Liberal Democracts (which stand in between Labour and the Conservatives ideologically) were hurt badly, and their past leader Nick Clegg resigned. However, now they’re back with a new set of promises and policies which have young people at the centre of most of them. This combined with those not too sure Labour voters (who I spoke about before) will be enough to give them gains. 

I also predict that Winchester will go to the Lib-Dems (out of the hands of the Conservatives). I don’t normally make predictions about certain areas, but I go to college in Winchester and have witnessed the strength of their campaign (and also their high proportion of remain voters), so another mini prediction there.

3. More like WHO-KIP?

It is highly arguable that UKIP are the most influential political party of the 21st Century. They first campaigned for the referendum that would define 2016, and probably the next 10 years to come. However, now Brexit is done, and the Conservative party are offering a vote on fox hunting, and a plan to cut immigration- two other key UKIP policies in the past. Things don’t look to great for the party, and because of this, I predict they will make a loss in the next election– and possibly get sent to the political graveyard where Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband are sat making homemade lemonade (that’s what I picture in my head).

Wider Predictions:

4. Nigel Fariage to return to UKIP

He just can’t resist it. That’s what many people think, I know it’s a long shot though. Perhaps after the election, his inner sympathies for the party will shine through though…

5. Who knows?

Politics is constantly evolving. Every day. Seriously, these days I think we get through a years worth of news in a week. It makes sense when you think about it…

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