New thriller about psychology of vlogging in the works…

Sources suggest that a major new motion picture is in the works, and if it stays true to its promises, one which could have all the makings of 2018’s Oscar for Best Picture.

According to StarNow castings, a film about the lives of two YouTubers is in the making- but this isn’t what you think it is. Unlike many of the films which have had poor reviews and high grossings staring YouTubers, this film will focus around two fictional YouTubers with ‘400,000 subscribers’ each. Abby Martin and Zach Brown- both of which are promised to be flirtatious both with their viewers, and each other- as they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

YouTube stars can vary, from those who capture every moment of their daily lives, to those who film on their own bedroom-sets. Credit: B&H

The site, which was casting for these two roles, said that the film would be a thriller- focusing on what lengths two YouTube stars would go to for the views. The movie casting has also asked for audition tapes to be submitted to them in the form of a Vlog. There is also an audition script for each character- which I will feature below.

Not much is known about this mystery new film yet, apart from it has the working title ‘Prank‘ and will see just how much YouTube stars are willing to do in order to gain the social high ground. Oh, and filming starts this June. In my opinion, this film has much potential as it homes in on the culture which has developed the past few years online- and could prove very insightful.

We will keep one eye on that…


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