The Future Will Look More Pretty. Here’s Why:

I wanted to put a quote from the song ‘Electric City’ here as I thought it would be a good way to start this story. The trouble is the lyrics don’t really make sense when you read them. So, um, yeah.

In our age of e-commerce, 24/7 trading, and growing adoption of free-market economics- advertising has become a key feature of life. From classic television advertising, to billboards and posters, there’s no getting away from it. Especially if you live in an urban area. But could the way we view content now soon have a big impact on the world around us?

The podcast talks science, tech, and some other random goodness on a weekly basis- and they often like to speculate about what the future will hold for a given area. On one of their shows, they made an interesting prediction (which I will explain and develop on):


Pretty much everyone you know probably has a smartphone now (with some exceptions). In fact, around one third of the world’s population own one (Statistica) and the image of a whole room of people looking down at the floor is becoming increasing normal. Therefore, if so many people are looking down regularly- aren’t traditional billboards and posters being wasted on us? Perhaps it would be much more cost-effective to have on-floor advertising. Therefore, people walking and reading their phones will catch a glimpse of Kinder chocolate, and will be more likely to buy their delicious child-laboured product.

This slightly alarming advertisement shows that on-floor adverts are used on a small scale today- particularly in supermarkets and airports. Credit: Outdoor Advertising Association of America

We’ve already seen floor art in action for years and years, through the street art tradition- and if companies can emulate this style they may find themselves getting much better return on their various ventures. But why am I campaigning for more advertising? Why do I care? It’s simple- better surroundings. If we can take advertising off the wall and onto the floor, this means that people who want to appreciate their surroundings and not look down can actually get their money’s worth.

This is a very rare opportunity for companies, to get an effective marketing campaign and save the natural landscape at the same time. I’d take that opportunity. Especially if I were Kinder. Actually no- I don’t want them becoming more popular…

Thumbnail Credit: PCWorld


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