TV Dating Is Coming Back In A Big Way.

Do you remember TV Dating?

Okay, I should put it out there (since I’m a teenager) that I have never used TV Dating to the full of its capacity. However, a younger version of me may have been flicking through the TV guide and pressed on the ‘Rabbit Chat & Date‘ channel- just to see what it was. I’m glad I got that out of the way. 

However, Classic TV Dating may be coming back in a big way- and through a well known company- Tinder.

Credit: Tinder
Last year, the company announced they would be making their well known app available to the Apple TV. Tinder has had a reputation in the past for not being very safe for work, but this could be soon to change. The company said that one of the main objectives with an Apple TV app was for users to let friends and family choose their dates for them.

The app also takes full advantage of the latest Apple TV’s swipable remote– giving users some of that classic Tinder swiping action from your sofa (or couch). 

So can Tinder’s latest move bring their company out of the dark and into the home- or is it just a bit too much? We’ll have to wait and see 

Well, you will. I won’t be taking part in this- just to say…

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