Is Casey Neistat Daily Vlogging Again?

Casey Neistat. The man has been in the news a lot lately- for various projects and affairs, but he may still be causing a stir. I’m excited, anyway.

He caused a small frenzy last year when he announced he would be ending his daily vlog. His series of daily videos- which he started posting in 2015, have influenced the YouTube world in a variety of ways, so when it stopped its no surprise it shook the world like a wobbly boosted board. Throughout the duration of his daily vlog, Neistat say his channel grow from 700,000 subscribers to over 6 million to date.

Throughout his varied career, Neistat has shaped the social media space along with working with various high profile figures, including Hilary Clinton- not being afraid to veer back into the ‘traditional’ space.

Lately, his channel has had a more relaxed feel to it- with uploads pleasing to watch when they come in. But now, three daily uploads have come in consecutively- and Casey might be back to his old self. His latest vlogs continue to show a unique and creative style that Neistat has become so well known for…

Who knows how long it will last for- there’s been no official announcement and I don’t blame him for playing his cards close to his chest. In the meantime- it’s just good to have even more Casey uploads… 

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