How Uber Limits Us All As People:

“I want it all, and I want it now.” Those were the words sung by Queen in their song of the same name. That just seemed like quite a good way to start this post, but I lack the proper skills to connect it with the rest of this story. So I will just leave it here and that can be the introduction. I’m so good at this.

For a very long time, the tech landscape has been developing quicker than London’s property market and although the rate at which political news is unfolding right now might be giving the tech world a run for it’s money- it still feels like a new technology is being invented every single day. However, as the techscape has evolved, a new kind of culture has evolved with it-  and one which can be very damaging if we don’t address it right now. This is the self-centred factor. Let me explain.

Image result for amazon prime
The prime example of next day delivery services…


Of course, next day delivery has been around for a long time- but somehow that still isn’t good enough (apparently). I am mainly referring to Amazon’s testing of commercial drones to slim down delivery times to as little as half an hour in urban areas. Half an hour! Can you even imagine that? I can. Because I just wrote it down.

This is just one of the ways that companies are still striving to make every little aspect of their service as convenient as possible for YOU. It’s all about you. That was a McFly So- Alright- enough with the songs. Sorry. You’re probably wondering what harm could possibly come of this- and I am getting to that so stay with me. The main inspiration for this post came from a taxi ride about two years ago which I only recently remembered.

Story time:

It’s early in the morning. We get our things and leave for the taxi on the drive. Soon, we’ll be in Spain! When we get in, there’s a bright eyed taxi driver- ready to take us to the airport, but he has one more trick up his sleeve- conversation. I can’t remember the exact transcript for our conversation but he asked us about school, where we went to and how it was going. We said that we went to Bishop Challoner in Basingstoke. Sometimes it’s a really small world, and it turned out that the guy (sorry I can’t remember his name) had a relative who went to the same school. We had a really interesting conversation the whole way to London City– and although he treated us well as customers- he was keen to share his knowledge experience, and good humour with us. This was a local taxi company I will add.

When you use Uber, you can arrange a driver to pick you up from a plethora of places, and Uber were keen on promoting the fact then when your driver arrives: you can hear a track of your choice which is playing in the car. It’s all about YOU. The only trouble is this:

It’s not all about you.

You might be a smart person, you probably are an interesting person if you spend some of your time reading niche blogs like this. But you don’t know everything. Sorry if that was a surprise to you. But you do need other people to show you a good time. For example, if you came to Hampshire in the UK and wanted something cool to see, would you have thought of the Silchester Roman Road all by yourself? If you’re in the area, check it out BTW.

When companies treat you like a God and develop their services to work the most conveniently for YOU, you loose out on expert advice from other people and parties, as well as the different culture and lifestyles other people can offer you. In short, sometimes there needs to be a compromise. And we’re not always the best at seeing this.

Plus, I’m pretty sure having one hour delivery puts waaaayyy more stress on workers. But don’t even get me started on that

Thumbnail Credit: Clipart Fest


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