Here’s Why People Are Tasting Nintendo Games:

As of the start of this week, you may have seen at least one person (via social media or the web in general) do something you were probably told not to do as a very small child- put toys in your mouth. And yet, many people have recently been putting Nintendo Switch Game Cartridges in their mouths. But why?

This week, reports emerged that Nintendo have coated the game cartridges of their newest games console in a foul tasting chemical in order to try and prevent kids from eating the part of their console by mistake. But what was that testing process even like?! The good news is that we’re now closer than ever to knowing what zero hour contracts and child labour taste like…

Possibly the most bizarre thing about this news though is that the cartridge’s ‘repellent flavour’ (BBC) was discovered by normal people as Nintendo did not reveal this information prior to these reports. I hope these adults are proud of themselves…

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