Lefties, Assemble!

This might shock you, but this isn’t a piece on left-handed people- it’s about members of the political left. “Oh.” You say. But please don’t go- it’s worth a look at…

Ever since after the election, fake news and the alt-right have been widely publicized and given coverage- but one important factor has been missing from this equation- The Left.

A while back, I saw a Channel 4 news item on alt-righties and fake news. in this, channel 4 produced a graph illustrating roughly what percentage of the net was dominated by the right, and the percentage for the left. Unsurprisingly, the right were winning- their blue mass covering roughly two thirds of the info-graphic (sorry I cant be more specific).


It’s clear to me that there needs to be much more of a left-wing presence on not just social media, but the whole net. And any sensible member of the right should agree with this- here’s why:

When one side is given uncontested access to publishing and posting materials- this allows the alt-right (and otherwise poor fact checkers) to post poor quality content and get away with it. If you think about it, it’s highly unlikely for a member of the respectable right to criticize another right-winger (even if they have some questionable sources) because they’re helping get across the same ideas and policy as them- just through different means. Believe it or not, there’s actually an alt-left, but their powers are significantly limited because of the dominance of the right online. What I’m saying is that it’s this lack of speaking out from the left which has let the alt-right rise up.


We need to have a balance of political rhetoric online in order to achieve good quality, opinionated content- to keep all of the poor stuff out (from both the left and right).

The left now have to react and respond on social media, blogging, etc. There is actually a huge presence of left- especially in our country I know. Let’s not forget that the Conservative party only got 37 per cent of the vote in the last election. Over 50 per cent of the vote went to left wing parties such as Labour and the SNP- the only problem was that there were loads of them- and only one conservative party- the Conservatives.

The left don’t know how much power they’re sitting on, they just have to start speaking…

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