Could Casey Neistat Lead The War On fake News?

Around a day ago, Casey Neistat told The Hollywood Reporter that he would be hosting his own daily show on CNN at 5pm– starting in two weeks time. This comes after the news giant acquired the YouTuber’s video sharing app Beme at the end of last year in a deal valued at £25 million.

We already covered this last year, and mentioned what we would like to see from this deal- but as always- it seems that the truth- as it has arisen- is far from what we’d hoped for. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Let me explain.

In that article- we said that we would like to see a new social media form as a product of this deal- and one that could tackle the problem of fake news (ever present online). However, it seems now that the product of this deal will not be an app or social media platform as we thought- but indeed, the daily show which Neistat has revealed he will be running. But could this be a good thing?

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Neistat started off his career in Film Making with a vlog-style TV series that aired on HBO.


As well as being one of today’s leading YouTube personalities, over the years, Casey Neistat has proved that he can be insightful and sensitive to current events and various dramas- whilst still delivering content for the masses. Whilst many other vloggers and YouTubers have been delivering blissful content, which is often ignorant towards the current events- Neistat’s content has had a distinctly real feeling- with Casey not being afraid to often cover adversarial or political ground (the most obvious example of this being his ‘who i’m voting for president’ video).

Neistat has already spoken about how he is not afraid to ‘sell out’, and his overall opposition to the term- so is this development simply a move from CNN to crush other platforms such as Vox– or could this new program be much more beneficial?

Casey Neistat’s new 5:00pm slot on CNN has the potential to tackle the problem of fake news, and address other issues surrounding social media and it’s social impact (believe me, I’ve talked about many of them). Whether this content is produced by the man himself, or simply hosted by him could also play a significant impact in the value of the content to society and progress…

Perhaps Casey Neistat will be the first YouTuber to make a difference to the world as we know it…

Thumbnail Credit: YouTube

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