Why I Started This Blog.

Internet fame. It’s something we all seek whether we like it or not. Even if it’s not at the top of your priorities you can’t help but wonder how much better your life would be if you could just get a few more followers. But the true meaning of social media lies far beyond this- and it’s very important to realize why…

Over my time as a blogger, I’ve had a few blog posts blow up into what I would call ‘minor successes’. The views were certainly not enough to get featured on the front page of, well, anything- but they encouraged me to keep on blogging and making stories. I didn’t realize that at this point I had made a huge mistake.

After you get an irregular amount of views on a post or video (if you’re anything like me), you’re spurred on in your race to get more opportunities like this- but I had forgotten one important thing: the roots of the blog post.

It might be ironic, but some of my most viewed articles have come at a time when I was feeling really frustrated or triggered. The best example of this I can think of was when BuzzFeed published a story about my last school- after they buried a piece of anti-gay policy. There were no lies told in the story- but the narrative and the way the school was being portrayed really upset me- especially after having five life-changing years there. So I got down to the keyboard and wrote my response. And the reception was great.

It was at this point that I realized that blogging would become a very effective form of therapy.

Since then, my favorite posts have been opinion articles, which have come straight from the heart. Occasionally, I have tried to keep up consistency by uploading something which doesn’t really reflect me at all- and I regret it. This showed me how small the line was between using social media for ‘therapy‘ at frustrating times, and letting the social media control you.*

*I’m not claiming to have any kind of mental illness or clinical issue- if you do then you should certainly seek expert advice. But for everyday ordinary people, who all get frustrated from time to time, blogging could be the perfect relief- you just need a catalyst. For me, this is normally to do with politics and the politics of the technology age. Perhaps if you suffer from an actual condition, you could try this anyway?

In summary, social media can be a great tool to help ease your anxious mind. But it’s so important that you share your own views and opinions if you want stress relief out of it. How often you upload or how many likes it gets is irrelevant. If one other person sees it then you’ve achieved your goal…





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