Inside Number Nine welcomes us back to it’s humourously dark world

The show opens with it’s iconic intro- and then inside number nine. This is: Inside Number Nine. 

The brand new season proves so far (after two episodes) to be the same format as the other ones: we’re introduced to this weeks story line, and our ‘number nine’. This week it was a restaurant called ‘number nine’ sometimes it’s just a number nine house, sometimes it’s a bit more abstract though. This really helps set the scene, and is part of the craft of the show- it’s not the most important thing though.

Set entirely in the restaurant, this episode follows a group of men at the end of the meal. Throughout the entire episode, we see them fight aggressively over who will pay the bill. Although comic because of how drawn-out it is, the acting is serious, and yes, before you ask- someone did suggest they split it between them.

Like most no.9 episodes, it also takes a dark turn at the end, before revealing an unexpected twist. 

I was not just impressed because of the intensity (and some humour) of the dialogue through this half hour, but the twist genuinely surprised me at the end, especially because I was focusing on the intensity of the infamous ‘knife-song’ scene just before.

I don’t want to give much away about the plot, because I want you to have that same feeling I did after watching it. One thing I can say is that it will certainly have you making that sound afterwards. You know, that sound when you don’t like something- but you kinda like not liking it. The sort of ‘eh eh eh aaaahhhh’ kind of thing. 

The show’s two creators Reece Shearsmith (left) and Steve Pemberton usually feature as different characters in each episode.

The rest of the new season of Inside Number Nine will be showing Tuesday nights, at 10 pm on BBC 2.

Inside Number Nine S3E2- The Bill: would recommend for its humour and darkness, just don’t show it to your children…

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