5 Things Online Film Makers Love Doing

When you’re a solo Vlogger, YouTuber, or Film Maker on the Internet, there’s a lot more to consider than if you were, say, just a writer- or even a director for a major Hollywood film.

You are responsible for all elements of the production including editing, filming, and directing (I suppose). This might sound like a huge responsibility- but with so much more to think about- there’s so much more to enjoy. Here are our top picks for things online film makers love:

The Shoot

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There’s no better way to describe it, other than ‘the shoot ‘. This is the process of going out and recording footage for whatever project you’re working on. Many people find this the best part of the process as you don’t have to think about anything other than simply collecting the best footage you can get…


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– meetthehue.com


If you’ve planned a whole production, have written it, filmed it, then edited it, there’s not really a better feeling of accomplishment you can get. Even when filming it, there’s the all-important feeling of creativity and productivity- which I would argue is the best part of the whole process…

The Edit

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-dgtl Concepts


This is where you can really see your project come together. It can be very time consuming, but providing you have more than enough footage and you’re set to start editing- it can be great to see your ideas become set in stone.


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– Ralphy Cervantes (YouTube)


You don’t have to get help with whatever you’re working on- but in my experience, some of my most fun video-related moments have been with other people. Collaborating on a project, or simply getting help from friends and family can be very rewarding and forges great memories to take from the experience- along with the finished product.

The Views

– This Blog


This one comes last for a reason. Getting views for something you stole or didn’t put much work into is alright, but you know what is better? Getting views for something you made- because it’s yours and you spent time on it. Nothing anyone says can take that away from you…

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