Did Portal Drop a Hint About J.J. Abrams 10 Years Ago?

Star Trek and Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams has been causing a stir in just about as many fandoms as he can in the past few years- and the world of Portal was no exception.

A few months ago, Abrams excited the video game’s strong fan base by announcing he has plans involving the video game. But were there clues to this partnership years ago- inside the video game it’s self?

Inside Portal 2, which was released in 2011 (close to 10 years ago), there is an item on the extras menu entitled ‘Super 8’. If you click on it, you spawn inside a train which you can roam around in for a few minutes before the train crashes. You are then left to walk through the ruined landscape.

Image result for super 8 jj abrams
From the film


This is clearly a reference to Super 8- the film directed by, none other than, J.J. Abrams- released in the same year. In this film- a group of young film makers are shooting a film for a competition when they whiteness an epic train crash and are henceforth drawn into a series of mysterious and thrilling events.

It’s intriguing that that the makers of Portal would choose to include this ‘special feature’ in the game. Perhaps they had the director in mind for a film this whole time…

Thumbnail Credit: Valve Studios

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