Busking: The Scariest Day of My Life.

That’s no exaggeration, it really was. I’ve been singing in various choirs for nearly 10 years now and have performed in venues such as the Anvil- but that’s okay. Your choir tell you when to rehearse, they plan everything to the teeth. Then when it comes to the night, you go out and do your thing- with an audience expecting and respecting you.

Busking is a far more scary world, and today I wanted to share with you my first time busking.

Image result for high street
Credit: UK Insights
Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I’m walking out of college, one foot trailing behind the other nervously. I walking to a concert that I’ve planned in my head, and that I’ve decided the location for. What gives me the right to make these decisions?!

Sure enough, 10 minutes later, I’ve walked down to the middle of the high street, and pace around the lamp post that I saw a guitarist playing in front of once. “Cool, I’ll just check the area out”. And by that I mean hide in MacDonalds.

A few minutes that lasted longer than an hour passed, and I made my definitive move up to the lamp post- shoppers walking by at the same time. “Excuse me?”I said to the man running the market stall next to me. “Do you mind if I busk here?” Just making sure.

Then I get my speaker out and start singing.

A few people stop and listen, but most people are walking by- not that this offends me. Then after some time singing, it’s time to leave. I would have liked to stay for another hour but I’m really cold.

I got some money, which was nice, and I got the experience. I haven’t done it again- but I want to as soon as possible.

Performing at a concert is good but it doesn’t feel anywhere near the same as helping create the soundtrack to somebody’s day out…

Thumbnail Credit: Priceonomics

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