More Interesting Tech…

Good day, you may remember when we covered some of January’s most interesting tech. Well, we’re only just into February but there’s already been enough interesting tech announced to fill my whole life. Let’s look at some of it:

1. Elago Multy USB-C Hub

It’s all very well having a gorgeous minimalist MacBook with only USB-C ports on it, but this new design choice for Apple has left a lot of video editors and external device users feeling like they can’t be themselves and only have one port. Luckily, you can still have the best of both worlds- this lovely looking USB Hub connects seamlessly with the MacBook via (USB-C)to provide some extra portage. Is that a word?

2. Ripple wearable panic button

You never want to wish up bad situations in public but if you have concerns about your own health or safety- Ripple is here to help. This wearable panic button will contact emergency services at your demand. It’s also available in different cases to conceal it properly with your attire. Ripple is available on Kickstarter now, and is expected to ship in April.

3. Planar 3 Turntable

It seems today that turntables (largely) don’t have the build quality they used to, however as you can see from the picture I’m sure you’ll find this turntable a pleasant exception. Conceived by Rega Research, it claims to provide superior listening quality with ‘a 24V motor’ and ‘improved advanced anti-vibration circuit’. I’ll just pretend that’s good… It looks nice though.

4. Asus Tinker Board

This might look like a Raspberry Pi, but this new compact computer from Asus is, um. Basically just a high powered raspberry pi. The Tinker Board features a 1.8Ghz quad core processor, .6 Ghz higher than the R.Pi. It also features 1GB more RAM than the Pi. This could be something to keep an eye on…

5. Logitech Spotlight Remote 

Big cumbersome presentation remotes are a thing of the past. This shiny KitKat can control your slideshow or presentation through its built in gesture control. It also follows through its modern approach to the core- charging over USB-C.

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