All the ‘wrong’ blogging tips:

When you’re a solo blogger, vlogger or YouTuber, it’s easy to measure your success against the number of views, followers, or subscribers you get and this is a big mistake. But something I’ve learned in my years of blogging and making YouTube videos is that views are just 0.00000001 per cent of what your goals should be (especially when you’re starting out). The following are different ‘Nuggets of Information’ which I have curated from my years of experience…





1. Don’t measure against other blogs or people


It’s easy, when starting out, to say ‘I want to be as popular as TechCrunch’ or ‘Casey Neistat’. The truth is that you’re working by yourself and these people/blogs have a large production crew. It is true that posting more frequently can bring in more viewers, but to do this consistently and effectively you need a large crew. I remember when I ran an older blog, I used to upload whenever I saw a story I liked on wired or similar blogs. However I wasn’t consistent.

Even though Casey Neistat is a largely independent individual, one of his biggest videos- Make It Count- was edited by someone else (Oscar Boyson). You haven’t got this luxury, you’re starting out so you’re working alone. Therefore don’t focus on uploading every day like the big blogs do, do Quality not Quantity.






2. Seek for high engagement


Your blog could receive a million views every day, but if those same people don’t want to come back- then you’re quickly going to run out of people. Therefore when you design your content, design it for people to come back to. On YouTube, an example of good engagement in videos is Casey Neistat, who receives 2-4 million views on his average videos, compared to his 6 million subscribers. This is compared to PewDiePie, who now makes around the same amount of views as Casey, compared to his 50 million subscribers. See what I mean?






3. Find your creative space


So how can you draw in and keep viewers when working by yourself? The answer is get creative. You have to find your niche, that’s worth people visiting. I can’t say that I’ve truly found this yet, but I try. Offer something no one else has offered before. If you’re a more creative person than me (which shouldn’t be too hard) you might even try to revolutionise the way you get your message across (most creative use of social media).

Good luck…

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