Help Fill This Blank Space (and make history)…

This is your chance. You might never get another opportunity like this, ever. In your life.

Thank you for noticing the blank thumbnail by the way. It needs to be filled with text, but who’s? Yours. Okay, I’m using way too way rhetorical questions. Issue dealt with.
Ordinary Author needs your help to fill this blank screen with quotes commenting on the blog, the funnier the better.

Anyone has the chance to submit their quotes that they’d like to be on the official Ordinary Author marketing campaign– just send your quotes in via the comments section on this blog post, or through twitter (@george_linc or @ordinary_author).

We will include your name or a twitter username/anonymous with them (just specify when contacting)…
Just really let yourself go. I find it very likely that everyone who submits a statement will find themselves in this so please do take it seriously. Actually, you don’t have to.

[Insert Petit Filous Slogan Here]

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