6 Ways To Prove Racial Sterotypes Wrong

So you’re an ethnic minority in your country? We’re often told to not bring up race unless you have to, but sometimes people can feel like they’re being excluded and feel the need to say something. Well look no further, as I draw from my years spent in a diverse environment to help you get treated as an individual..

Credit: Friedman School/Google Images

1. Talk to your attackers

This doesn’t necessarily mean confronting your attackers about this, but it’s true for any race that the better you get to know someone- the more their expectations of you are shattered.

2. Try not to stay in ethnic groups (if you don’t want to)

It can often be comforting to stay in ethnic groups, especially at school. However, you should always branch out and make new friends- regardless of race. Sometimes, confidence is key.

3. Make friends in high up places 

If you ever feel like your ‘down and out’, there’s one good way to prove your attackers wrong. Once they see you talking to the captain of the football team/the favourite colleague, etc. They’ll see that there really can’t be that much to worry about.

4. Get involved

Alternatively, you could be that favorite colleague. Get involved, do things for the community. Sing in assembly, come up with new work ideas and action plans. Everybody’s good at something…

5. Talk to a friend/teacher

Of corse you’re an strong independent person, but you should never underestimate the advice and guidance of friends and family. If it’s really bothering you, talk to someone. Anyone.

6. Don’t let them get you down

I keep on using the word ‘attackers’. It turns out alot of them are far from that though. 99% of the time, you just need the confidence to talk outside of your circles. It can be hard, but it’s hugely rewarding- to shatter people’s prejudices…

Thumbnail credit: am New York 

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