Capaldi Quits: Our Picks for Doctor

This week, Peter Capaldi announced he would be hanging up his coat and sonic screwdriver as he leaves Doctor Who for good after this coming season. It’s always a sad event to see a Doctor leave (for a fan anyway), but let us look forward to the future- as Ordinary Author shares their top picks for the next Doctor…

1. Richard Ayoade

Credit: The Times

A popular choice this time round, and you can see why. Ayoade first rose to prominence on the Channel 4 in the show the IT Crowd and has proved he is more than capiable of brining humour to the role (If you don’t believe me watch it). Since then, he has also directed two feature length cinema films, and his Travel Man series on Channel 4 proves he also has the aptitude for adventure. Ayoade was even my personal favourite to win not so long ago…

2. Bill Nighy 

Credit: Damn Ugly Photography (WordPress)

A highly experienced actor, Nighy has shown us over the years that he can play it serious or  be the joker- sometimes even in the same film. He even wore his own bow tie in an episode of Doctor Who! No pressure, but Nighy is my favourite to win. Not that he’s commented on this yet…

3. Beverly Cressman

Credit: BBC

The Doctor is traditionally a man, but if they can cast an actor who has previously been in the program- then they can certainly cast a female human. No stranger to the show, Cressman has shown that she can bring passion and take the role into her own. I’m starting to doubt whether Nighy was the right choice now…

4. Catherine Tate

BT TV Online

A companion nearly 10 years ago, perhaps next year could see Tate enter the TARDIS as the Timelady her self. If you have questions of her acting competence or that much needed fusion of comedy and seriousness- just look at her stand up shows, or indeed her time as a companion.

5. Ben Whitshaw

Credit: Taste of Cinema

Another favourite to win, like Ayoade, Whitshaw has gained international recognition for his role as James Bond’s Q in Skyfall and Spectre. However, in a statement- Whitshaw said that he found it hard to imagine juggling two big roles- but he’s a smart guy, there’s still hope!

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